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Evening of Honour

On September 27, 2016, the Fall Student General Assembly on Tortola kicked off at a prompt start with not a minute to waste as the tunes from our Stingray Singers created a warm welcome. For the Spring 2016 semester, twenty four part-time students made the Dean’s List with thirty full-time students. The President’s List comprised of twelve part-time students and thirty-six full-time students. Mrs. Debra Hodge, Director of Student Success Centre gave high accolades to the success of all the part-time students on the President’s List for achieving an impressive 4.0 GPA. Dr. Janet Smith, College President congratulated all of the honourees for their scholastic achievements while commenting on the security changes and presence of more Elmore Stoutt High School students on campus. Unexpectedly, Dr. Smith encouraged an open dialog between the students and parents to share their concerns about the topics mentioned as well as any other areas of concern. At the end of the dialog, the President conveyed to students that her office is not off-limits, and encouraged visits to hear their concerns. As part of the evening’s event, awareness of the Zika virus was highlighted by Nurse Patricia Hanley as a result of persons in the BVI now being affected by the virus. Information was shared about best practices to avoid development of more mosquitos, how individuals can become infected, and symptoms of having the virus. Surprisingly, the virus in an infected person can remain in a person’s blood stream for up to eight weeks explained by Ms. Hanley. The evening ended on a high note with another entertaining selection from the Stingray Singers.
  • Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to one of the CERTIFICATE or DEGREE LEVEL PROGRAMMES, a student should have graduated from High School with CXC or GCE required grades, or High School Certificate or Diploma.  No student will be allowed to register for a CERTIFICATE or DEGREE LEVEL PROGRAMME unless the above requirements have been satisfied.  While there are no stipulated admission requirements to any of the enrichment courses, the Academic Dean may require some level of proficiency in the area of interest, depending on the complexity of the subject being offered.  In addition, a student is expected to present the following:

a)  High School diploma or 4 CXC/GCE subjects including English at the General Proficiency level Grades 1and 2 up to 1997 or CXC/GCE General Proficiency Grades 1, 2 and 3 from 
     1998 onward.
b)  Passport, birth certificate, or proof of residence status and time of arrival in the British Virgin Islands.
c)  Social Security number, if employed.

 Admission to the College does not guarantee enrolment in the programme or courses requested by the student.  Placement is based on assessment standards developed to help ensure the student's academic success.  Students are advised to contact the College for information on testing and academic advising.



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